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Redmond Computers & Internet Services is a full service technology company licensed in Redmond Oregon the Hub of Central Oregon focusing on providing end-to-end business solutions for our customers and partners. We deliver complete technology services to our clients ranging from network design and installation to custom software development and integration. We believe in quality and pride ourselves in our workmanship. Please visit our solutions page to see the range of services we offer.

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Redmond Computers is committed to building stronger relationships with our clients to help them overcome business challenges and improve their bottom line. We foster an environment that takes pride in consistency, a high level of service and the delivery of competitive, value-added solutions. We meet client challenges by having the best people and processes in place to consistently deliver services and solutions on time and on budget, across technologies and industries.

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Our main focus is to help businesses improve their bottom line. We can offer solutions to your complex business needs by marrying our technological expertise with your business requirements. Whether you are a new business or an established enterprise, we deliver superior software and hardware products and services that help our customers dramatically improve their business domestically and worldwide. Whether you are just looking to reduce your Information Technology (IT) costs or require a complete technological solution, please feel free to contact us. We can help transform your company's customer relationship and improve your business environment.