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Since the inception of Redmond Computers we have rooted ourselves in delivering high quality software, hardware, networking, and telecommunication solutions to meet the business challenges of our clients. We support the Central Oregon 7 which includes: Redmond, Bend, Sun-River, Sisters, Madras, Prineville and LaPine. The cornerstone of our business is our consistent focus on delivery of support while adapting to our clients ever changing business needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Full Computer Solutions

We service all makes and models of computers including Macintosh, laptops, servers, computer devices, printers and the list goes on. We deliver high-speed solutions supported by a well trained staff and support team. Your security is our priority and you're only a phone call or click away from the highest trained knowledge base support team in Central Oregon. If you are using a wireless system at home or office and you're not sure if it's secure, we're the company to call to lock up your network immediately. Our weekends and evenings are yours too in case you have a tech-urgency, so please don't hesitate to call or click, no matter what, no matter when.

  • Computer Sales and Service
  • Home & Office Network Solutions
  • Home & Office Help Desk Support (Live Chat)
  • Basic Computer and Internet Training
  • Software and DeskTop Application Solutions

Complete IT Managed Solutions

We use the latest Windows and Linux infrastructure and .Net platforms and managed network administration systems; virtualization networks, Microsoft's Hyper-V, VMware Servers, and Oracles VB. Our Fiber NOC enforces and supports the most complicated systems while providing the highest levels of security technology has to offer. Our Linux applications and support services also deliver the very best in collocation services for those businesses with internal IT support but want the lights to stay green 24/7 on the ISP levels. Our expertly trained technicians speak all server dialects and are ready to solve any issues from managed services and image backups (cloning) to SANS systems or as simple as hosting a website and managing your email.

So, what does all of this mean to you our business owners, it spells confidence. This type of service is a sample of what we have been delivering successfully since 1996.

We offer 24/7 support maintenance using the latest remote services and terminal services available. Our hardware and bandwidth systems are at peak performance levels as we securely host any size image cloning or SANS system applications.

Data Backup Solutions

Our hardware and bandwidth systems are at peak performance levels as we securely host any size image cloning or SANS system applications.

Software Solutions

Database Solutions

Internet Marketing Solutions

Our Experience

We have experience in several industry sectors:

  • Internet Marketing (Google - Yahoo - MSN)
  • Telecommunication
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Medical billing
  • Gaming
  • Local government
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Print publishing
  • Document management

Dependable Service & Support

Our expertise spans many industries. Our personnel each have several years of experience in their respective areas. We can provide your business technology needs and help you grow in a manner that is sensible for your business.

Today more than ever before we depend on our internet service and our technology devices and components. We work very hard to continue to study and educate ourselves with the changing fields of IT, Internet Services, and Security to offer you the best customer service and guarantees in the industry.

That being said we try to make each and every client feel confident in us and to do everything we can to keep all of our clients happy. Therefore if we've made you happy tell others, if not please tell us. But if you feel you need additional help please call Henry at High Desert Computers. I've known Henry for six years now and besides us, Henry is the only qualified IT Professional in Central Oregon I'd refer you to.


Michael McGee